Ian McKellen Invites You To The Village In New Prisoner Promo

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AMC has released the first promo for its upcoming remake of Patrick MacGoohan's The Prisoner. The promo showcases the show's Namibian exteriors, the many dapper costumes of Ian MacKellen, and three legendary words.

This is the first glimpse of actual footage from the miniseries, which stars McKellen as Number Two and Jim Caviezel of Outlander fame as Number Six. It's hard to tell much from such a short promo, although it does look like this new version of The Prisoner is making the most of its location work. Considering they went to the deserts of Namibia for much of shooting, you'd really expect nothing less.

As much as nothing can ever match something as iconic as the original Prisoner's Portmeirion setting - hell, nothing can ever match the original Prisoner, period - this new version has found something in the desert locations that's almost as impressive in its own right.


Being a diehard fan of The Prisoner, I'm pretty sure I should hate this new miniseries on principle, but the stars seem to keep aligning for this project, and this promo only makes me more excited. Ian McKellen looks awesomely malevolent as Number Two, I've been looking forward to more from Jim Caviezel ever since he teamed up with the Vikings to defeat the Moorwen, and AMC's other original projects, Mad Men and Breaking Bad, are two of the best shows on TV. You know what, Prisoner remake? I'll definitely be seeing you this November. I can't believe I just wrote that...