ICBMs Blowing Up, Tenacious D Rocking Out, and a Muppet Triple Treat

Ode To Joy - Beaker

Whaddya mean these aren't the actual lyrics?


Tenacious D: Rize Of The Fenix

Truly a pair of Rock Gods


The Muppets Take IBM

This has got to be the best employee training film of all time. But during the '60s even the stuffed shirts over at IBM had a sense of humor—either that or they had no idea who they were hiring to make it.


Hot Missile Porn: Hawaiian ICBM Blowed the Hell Up

Did you hear? The first commercial space flight is happening in like four hours. I'm going to watch it live on MSNBC and take a rip every time someone refers to the launch as "historic."


The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

This goes without saying.


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