Having to break up chunks of ice and dense snow on your driveway before plowing through it with your snow blower is just as annoying as having to clean your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Briggs & Stratton's 922EXD features a redesigned auger called the SnowShredder, with 14 serrated edges designed to pulverize chunks of ice instead of choking on them.

The SnowShredder auger also incorporates a pair of rubber paddles that serve to more efficiently sweep up snow, right down to the pavement, supposedly without damaging your sidewalks or paved driveway in the process. And exposing the concrete as much as possible makes it easier to salt afterwards, so those surfaces aren't left slippery and dangerous.


You can expect to pay north of $600 for the SnowShredder-enhanced 922EXD, which puts it on the higher-end of single-stage snow blowers. But Briggs & Stratton promises performance more akin to professional models, with a form factor that can easily hide away in your garage during the snowless seasons of the year. And given how often people actually die while shoveling snow, "it just might save my life" is an easy way to justify the higher price tag. [Briggs & Stratton via Werd]