If All Juicers Looked This Great, More People Would Probably Make Their Own Fresh-Squeezed OJ

The late Jack LaLanne probably wouldn't have approved, and certain green juice enthusiasts likely don't either, but it's hard to imagine having a cooler juicer than Natalia Coll's Edwin juicer.


The Naming of the device, the simple-yet-playful cylindrical design and two-tone color scheme, and focus on sustainability are all there with the intent of endearing the juicer to its owner. Coll sees Edwin as something people keep in their home for decades. Comprised primarily of sustainable wood and ceramic, the operation of the cylindrical Edwin would be dead simple. Take your citrus fruit, cut it in half, place it on top of the juicing mechanism, and let the machine do the rest. You'd just have to make sure you have a cup under the spout.

Should the juicer ever break down, it would be designed so that components can easily be replaced, or if you plan to get rid of it, parts could be easily dismantled for separate disposal. But first, Edwin needs a manufacturer. [Natalia Coll via SwissMiss]

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