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Let’s just throw this one in the science fiction category. Everyone knows humans aren’t even going to survive the next few decades. But what would happen if we did live another billion years? Some really cool things with a healthy dose of horrific disaster.


Again, this video by RealLifeLore is just evidence-based speculation, but it’s fascinating evidence-based speculation. For instance, if we make it to the year 10,000 AD, we’ll have to deal with Y10K. It’ll be just like Y2K but there will be another digit to contend with.

By 20,000 AD, only one percent of modern language will still be in use. Jumping ahead to a million years, a near-extinction level volcanic eruption is expected on Earth, so hopefully, we’ll have accomplished the goal of fully terraforming Mars which is estimated to be possible by 100,000 AD. If we’re traveling through the stars and colonizing other planets, by 2,000,000 AD we could be evolving into entirely different species.


But that’s all in the near future. Let’s skip forward to 250 million AD when all of Earth’s continents will fuse together, and then they’ll break apart again a couple hundred million years later. Once we’ve hit the 600 million year mark, Earth will be mostly uninhabitable due to numerous likely events including 99 percent of plant life being dead. And after one billion years, Earth’s surface temperature will likely be hovering around 117 degrees Fahrenheit and its water will have evaporated.

Check out all of those events and many more in the full video below.


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