If You Love Pizza, This Is the Best Invention In the World

Every home delivery pizza joint in the world should give this gadget away: a fridge magnet button that will automatically place an order for your favorite pizza. One button pizza delivery, folks. After this amazing feat, the only human achievement left is world peace.


The button uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and send a message to the pizza place. Indeed, my fellow pizza fanboys, this doesn't only make this device the best invention ever but the best application of Bluetooth in the history of Bluetooth. [Red Tomato via The Next Web]


Occupy Gizmodo

I wish my local pizzaria would embrace technology a bit more. I order from them at least 2-3 times a week and they still ask me my address/phone number everytime even though they recognize and acknowledge who I am.

Repeating my info to people who know me on a weekly basis by and large the dumbest thing I do.