If You Want Him to Put Down the iPad, You Must Become the Pony

Each day, millions of parents try to limit their children’s screen time, but the allure of TVs and tablets seems almost impossible for some kids to resist. Thankfully, there’s now a solution to this daily struggle: You simply become The Pony.

At least, that’s the argument made by the creators of “Pony Up Daddy,” a flexible human saddle made for parents playing with their children and definitely not anything else.

Despite its name, however, the neoprene body sling isn’t just for horseplayin’ daddies—mommies and “more” are invited to the pony party.


“Pony Up Daddy is tough enough to handle the roughest cowboys & gals,” writes the company on their website. “Pony Up Daddy is the fun new way for daddies, mommies, grandparents & more to give pony rides like never before!”

Unfortunately, transforming into The Pony doesn’t come cheap: Each saddle costs over 30 bucks with shipping. But can you really afford to go back to this?

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The phrase Pony Up Daddy has a different meaning to me.