iLane, E-Mail While Your Drive

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Personally, if I never saw another e-mail again I'd probably be all the more happy, but for people who just need the latest funny joke alert, here comes the iLane. It's being pushed as the world's first hands-free and eyes-free e-mail solution for use inside of a car. It interacts with Bluetooth devices ( the BlackBerry?), reading aloud, in a "natural sounding voice" no less, summaries of email messages; should the driver want, the iLane can be set up to read entire e-mails. I should hope there are no children in the car when iLane decides to recite some of the more raunchy spam that get sent about.


The iLane supports all the usual western European languages, like French and Spanish, and can be configured to use a male or female voice. In addition to managing your e-mail, the iLane can also manage other "I'm-an-important-business-executive-on-the-go" things like calendar appointments and SMS (text) messages.

Right now, the iLane still hasn't made it into full-scale production, so price and availability information are unknown.

Product Page [iLane via Tech Digest]

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