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iMac Ultra-thin Metal Keyboard Images May Show Dashboard, Media Icons

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to view[Update: We were right. It's a Dashboard icon next to an Exposé icon. Full picture after the jump]Allegedly, this is one of the images of the new ultra-thin iMac keyboards that have been spotted in a Hong Kong forum tonight. Unfortunately the rest of the images have been pulled, so until they surface again somewhere, we have done some Jack-Bauer-esque Photoshop enhancement and discovered a hint that may definitely prove that this is the mythical keyboard indeed. You be the judge.

Maybe I am going crazy with all this rumormania, but to me that thing in the center of the function key is a simplified Dashboard icon. It makes sense, as Apple have been adding icons for other features to their keyboards in the past. This could also be part of an effort to promote the use of Dashboard, one of the core features of Mac OS X's interface that has disappeared from the Dock in the latest Leopard betas.


If this is the real McCoy, there will also be new media playback buttons and the Apple icon from the Command key is gone. Looks rather sweet.


Here's the other image showing the back of the keyboard, which apparently is claimed to be an evaluation unit for sale. The sticker shows manufacturer identification data for the cable and feather plater vendor, as well as color codes for the bottom cover and the rubber feet. [Rhapsody Crazy Apple Talk via Engadget]