Improv Everywhere Enlivens the Dreariest Place on Earth

Illustration for article titled Improv Everywhere Enlivens the Dreariest Place on Earth

My goodness, is there anything more joyless than a social media conference? Well, okay, probably yes if you're the type of person to take things hyper-literally. But! For the rest of us, Improv Everywhere's mischievous band of insta-musical revelers couldn't have picked a better target than Gel 2011.


Okay, in fairness, Gel and Improv Everywhere founder Charlie Todd have a warm relationship, and Gel certainly seems far less soul-crushing than other trend-o-matic events. For the full behind-the-scenes rundown of how a crowd expecting to hear all about fakey fake social media startup Twirlr got a dose of musical theater instead, head on over to the Improv Everywhere mothership. [Improv Everywhere]

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How is it improv if it is practiced, rehearsed and staged?