Did you put any of your experiences working for WWF in Mongo?

Oh yeah. In Mongo, sometimes we'll talk about the depravity of the pro wrestler — they're not exactly regular human beings. There was an episode where Rusty tries to quit wrestling and realizes this. You're wired up differently. Rusty — a decent all-American guy — is on a quest to be the greatest wrestler in the world. He's trying to get to the top in such a vicious business.


When you get to know some of these legendary wrestlers behind-the-scenes, you'd be surprised to find that it can be even crazier. Think of all the decadent, self-indulgent stories you hear about rock-and-roll stars, and then apply that to wrestling. It's the same, but with 70 pounds of muscle added on. Which it makes it even more insane.

Do you remember the show Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling?

I certainly do!

I loved that show's conceit that WWF wrestlers spend every waking hour together like some deranged superhero team. Mongo's the same way. Is pro wrestling really like this? Would you say wrestlers eventually just become their ring personas?


It's a case-by-case basis. Some guys are no different, some guys become the guy. Some guys maintain a huge difference to stay sane. But then again, Ric Flair is Ric Flair. When you create a wrestling persona, one of the things they say is it should be you at ten volumes.

Would you consider yourself a wrestling historian?

I aspire to be. I love the inception of wrestling, how it has over a hundred-year history, it's very specifically American. It deserves a bigger place in history. There's a book out recently about Gorgeous George, and it makes the claim that he invented pop culture. It's a pretty good argument — when you think about television in this country, wrestling was one of the first things to capture a TV audience. It was easily televised, cheap to air, and the characters were huge. Gorgeous George was one of the biggest stars in the world — he was a huge TV star with this sense of ironic humor. I don't know if he's gotten his iconic due.


And how's work on Metalocalypse going?

We're halfway through Season 4. There's no airdate yet. Who knows, the world just might end. Death and brutality!


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