In the Future, Robots Kidnap the President to Win the War

In a future where humans battle robots, an elite military team has to save the President. And retrieving him from the middle of robot-territory is as easy as it sounds.


Directed by Samuel Jorgensen, Singularity is one of those rare shorts that is also an action movie. Even if the final twist is exactly what you think it is, everything looks too good for that to ruin it.

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Derek C. F. Pegritz

Quite entertaining...but this film suffers from the same problem as the Terminator movies: military robots are by definition better shots that any human ever can be. Even now we have drones with target acquisition capabilities that can hit a crow from three miles away. In an actual combat scenario against military robotic troops, the ‘bots would be one-shot/one-kill all across the board. With proper targeting and superhuman reaction time, no human would ever last more than a few seconds in combat.