In the New Good Omens Trailer, the Apocalypse Is a Party and Everyone's Invited

Aziraphale the angel and Crowley the demon holding hands with the Anti Christ.
Aziraphale the angel and Crowley the demon holding hands with the Anti Christ.
Image: Amazon

Given enough time to get to know one another, even the worst of enemies can, in theory, learn to respect each another and even become good friends in the right circumstances. Aziraphale the angel and Crowley the demon, the two celestial beings at the center of Amazon’s live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, are the perfect example.


Since the dawn of time, Aziraphale and Crowley have lived on Earth, largely minding their business and following orders from their respective bosses on the two sides of the great conflict between heaven and hell that’s prophesied to one day end the world. During the billions of years the two had to putz around on the planet while waiting for Armageddon though, Aziraphale and Crowley develop a deep fondness for one another—the kind that only comes from having nobody else to really talk to who’s known you since the beginning of time.

In the latest Good Omens trailer, we find Aziraphale and Crowley at an unfortunate time in their friendship when they’ve both been called upon to hop-to and get ready for the day. The Anti Christ is out there, somewhere, waiting to fulfill his apocalyptic destiny, but he’s lost in the wind, and both sides of the coming war are desperate to find him in order to win the conflict, Aziraphale and Crowley’s friendship be damned.

It’s not often that an adaptation of a book as whimsical as Good Omens translates to live-action in a way that feels quite this accurate to the source material. Of course, there are varying degrees of TV poshness to all of the characters like Jon Hamm’s Archangel Gabriel and Adria Arjona’s Anathema Device. But they’re all also kind of...a bunch of offbeat weirdos? The type of bumbling weirdos who are going to have quite the time finding Satan’s spawn when Good Omens begins streaming May 31.

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Charles Pulliam-Moore is an NYC-based culture critic whose work centers on fandom, pop culture, politics, race, and sexuality. He still thinks Cyclops made a few valid points.



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