In This Exclusive Snowpiercer Clip, Miss Audrey Has a Vital Role to Play

Layton planning his next attack.
Layton planning his next attack.
Image: TNT

Though the train-bound passengers of TNT’s Snowpiercer came close to revolutionizing their society in the show’s first season, the arrival of Sean Bean’s Mr. Wilford threw a massive metaphorical wrench into things. He wasted no time in grinding the train to an utter halt, and today, io9 has an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, “Keep Hope Alive,” that sheds some light on how those not in his thrall are dealing with it.


In Snowpiercer’s second season, the people surviving on both trains have begun to interact with one another in various capacities. But whatever hope there was for Snowpiercer becoming a more peaceful place to live has been all but dashed.

In this clip from this week’s episode, Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) and the rest of the crew who’ve found themselves faced with Wilford’s madness realize that if they want to survive, they’ll need to rely on one another despite their instinct to fall back into their old pre-Wilford warring ways. As part of a ploy to gain more control over Snowpiercer, Wilford requests that Audrey (Lena Hall) journey to Big Alice (the new train) for what’s meant to be “tea,” but everyone understandably suspects is a trap. Take a look below for how Miss Audrey herself feels.

Being stuck behind enemy lines would put Audrey into extreme danger and put Team Snowpiercer at a distinct disadvantage. But she understands that whatever information she might be able to gather could be invaluable in their fight for survival, making the trip a risk she’s willing to take.

Wilford’s presence and Big Alice being attached to Snowpiercer are meant to present a clear and present danger to the show’s heroes about all they might lose in the dystopian frost to monsters. But at the same time, the show’s villains are giving everyone a reason to look at their surroundings and recall that they really, really don’t have to live in locomotive squalor working to serve the desires of the wealthy and deranged.

The more time Wilford spends plotting how the make things hell for Snowpiercer, the more dedicated Layton and his team are going to become in topping whatever Wilford builds—and if he keeps pressing them, things are likely going to take a turn for him in the end.


Snowpiercer airs Mondays on TNT.


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The biggest problem with Miss Audrey is that she is not a particularly compelling character. I am not sure if it is the actress, or the writing (likely a bit of both), but the character is just kinda there.

She is a backstory for Mr. Wilford.

Beyond that, she is a mediocre cabaret singer with a really weird delusion that her ‘therapy’ room is vital to the psychological wellbeing of folks on the train. I mean, how many can actually get a ‘session’? 

If she disappeared from the show in the next episode, I don’t think she would be missed.