Incase Sonic Headphones Lightning Review: Super Stylish, Surprisingly Solid

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Incase makes…headphones? Yep. The iPhone case maker and all around Apple accessory extraordinaire is dipping their toe into audio and like all the gear you've come to expect from Incase, the detail and build quality is awesome. But what about the sound?


The Sonic Over Ear headphones are totally understated, with a soft matte finish that'll please the fingerprint hating gods. It looks like an awesome prototype design that never got destroyed by cheaper materials and dudes in suits. The earcups and underside of the headband are made from memory foam and lined with suede. Wearing them makes you feel like you're resting your head between Sofia Vergara's chest and Kim Kardashian's backside.


So what about that sound? Surprisingly decent! Look, they're not going to change the way you see music but the treble is actually pretty fantastic and the bass is substantial at times. The sound, which is warm-ish, picks up a solid amount of detail in the music, doing better with pop, hippity hoppity and rock than more textured genres. The elongated earcups do a great job at creating a "studio effect", where all you'll hear is the music, without taking a step into the unreality of noise-cancelization. They're not going to make an audiophile poop fairy dust but they're a surprisingly solid first effort.

Oh yeah, the cord length is juuust right. Perfect for the head to pocket range.

No Like

I wouldn't mind a bit more bass to thump up my music, but the oomph can get distorted at higher volumes. The mids are rather flat—you don't feel the music. Sensitive ears might get hot after long listening periods because of the suede. The shorter cord length keeps the Sonic to phone and laptop situations only—you're not plugging into your home audio system with these. Also: X-rated exxxpensive.


Should I Buy These?

You don't have to look far to get some audiophile humping cans for 200 bucks. But the timeless design and exceedingly comfortable earcups make you want to keep the Incase Sonic Headphones on your ears. I think there's enough here for someone who wants a pair of fashion forward headphone (and not feel like they got ripped off).


Incase Sonic Over Ear Headphones
Price: $200
Driver size: 40mm

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