Increase Your Knowledge of Noodles with this Encyclopedic Pasta Poster

When it comes to pasta, you better know your rotini from your rotelle, cuz if you just go around calling everything "spaghetti" until you're like 21, people are going to make fun of you. Believe me; I know. Fortunately this perfect pasta poster can pump up your proficiency.

Dreamt up by the doubtlessly hungry minds at Pop Chart Lab, "The Plethora of Pasta Permutations" divvies up the unbelievably wide range of pasta designs into handmade and machine-milled noodles, and then breaks them down even further by their delicious geometries. It's all you could ever want to know about noodle shapes, and then some.


You can pick up 24" x 36" prints of the pasta poster for $32 over on at Pop Chart Lab. Or you can head to the store for a bajillion boxes of pasta and get to work on a dried-noodle work of art the likes of which has never been seen. Either way, prepare to work up an appetite. [Pop Chart Lab]

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