Instagram Video Ads Are About to Double in Length

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Video ads have been popping up on Instagram for a while now — but they’re about to get longer and appear from a broader range of companies. Great?


Changes to Instagram’s advertising policies will see the time limit for video ads rise to 30 seconds from the previous 15, doubling the time in which companies can show you their wares. Those same videos will also be appearing in non-square format, too, as the company extends its recent aspect ratio relaxation to ads.

Interestingly, you can expect to see ads from a wider range of sources, too. Instagram says that smaller businesses will now be able to buy advertising space on the network, which means that you’ll see promotional content from more than just the big players. One thing is clear: Instagram ads are only going to become more pervasive in your feed.

[Instagram via Verge]



From a marketing standpoint, I will never understand the appeal of making internet-based advertising, particularly obtrusive, annoying, “look at this or you cannot continue” type of advertising.

This is an “I want it now” generation and even I feel the same way: Anything that stands between the information that I requested and the information I receive is absolutely my sworn enemy. I can deal with side advertising and suggested advertising, so long as it is not interfering with what I am doing and not trying to trick me into clicking. Trickery in advertising = distrust = I will remember you in a way that is harmful to your brand image.

When a video ad pops up, here are my actions (on an escalating scale):
1. Find a way to close or skip the ad. This is a life or death priority to find an ‘X’ on my screen.
2. Forfeit the site, app, video all together. Fuck it, I can live without seeing that video.
3. Be sure to boycott that brand and remember that brand as if they rape children.
4. Tell all my friends on social media that the brand is bad news and to avoid them (make up an experience story).

I hate internet advertising with a passion, and I’m sure most people do and it blows my mind how companies would want this. I understand the need for ads, but there is a certain diminishing return when people begin to hate you and everything you stand for.