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Intel Atom CE4100 Is a Beast of a Media Chip

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here at IDF, Intel introduced the Atom CE4100 media chip, which is likely coming to set-top boxes and Blu-Ray players. It's got some serious power: We're talking simultaneous decoding of two 1080p streams, 3D rendering and more.

The Atom CE4100 is pretty similar to the CE3100, except it replaces the CE3100's Pentium M core with an Atom core (hence the name change). It also supports MPEG-4 and can actually capture uncompressed 1080p video, not to mention support for every high-end audio codec you can think of. We don't know for sure where the CE4100 is headed, but it's a fair chance that we'll see it popped into high-end DVRs and media streamers at some point soon. [Engadget]