Intel Demos Centrino 2 ASUS M51VA, WiMax from Computex

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Intel's Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Corporate Demonstrations Craig Raymond had his lucky hands all over the new ASUS M51VA Centrino 2 ("Montevina") portable at a pre-Computex demo session today, and—delay or no delay—he came away loving the freedom of Intel's new chip and WiMax. Sure, he's an Intel guy talking about an Intel-equipped laptop, but he sounds like he put the thing through the paces, starting with a highly scientific test using World of Warcraft.

[N]ow my Fitel WiMax connection serves up a steady stream of bits while I leisurely stroll with it around the TICC to put it through the paces. How's the streaming video, you ask? Kobe looked pretty good scoring 39 to put the Lakers in the NBA finals from my Slingbox back in the States (place/time-shifting, oh how I love thee). Skype rings clear as a bell, except maybe for the drowning concert of scooter horns that screech from the busy Taipei traffic. But online gaming over a live carrier network has long been my holy grail around WiMax. Here from my outside park bench, after downloading my Warcraft client, I'm able log into the game world to slay all manner of goblins and over-sized gerbils.


And there we have it. WiMax on Centrino 2 slays goblins and gerbils with ease, and it feels like Wi-Fi without a Starbucks in sight, said Raymond. [Mobility@Intel]



It's Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne because he's using the Goblin Hero. So I guess we can't really take the intel guy's word for the performance of the processor and the notebook. AOC and WOW is two totally different gaming experiences. I think the fact that you build your own character in MMO is what makes it obsessive.