Intel Will Let You 3D-Print Your Own Robot This Year

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Your very own Wall-E? It may not be too futuristic a prospect if Intel has anything to do with it. The company just showed off a DIY kit at the Code Conference that will let you 3D-print your very own robot for $1600.

Have a 3D printer? Or at least access to one? You're pretty much halfway there. The at-home robot maker will be buyable online at later this year. It will include the designs for the hardware that you can make if you have a 3D printer you can use. It will also give you the moving parts you can't print, like motors and wires and processors and batteries. The cost is relatively low because Re/Code says it runs on Intel Edison—a cheap computer on a chip. If it were fitted with a better brain, like say an i5 processor, it would run more like $16,000.


And the robot is supposed to get better as people start to create and tinker with them—it's open-source, so developers can build programs and apps for it and 'bot builders can download them at will. Robots will be able to do things like translate languages, or deliver a beer, or get the mail. Anything! Your open source Intel-powered robot is your oyster. And for not that much money, relatively speaking. [Re/code]