Intel Windows 8 Tablets Details: Two Sizes, Atom Guts, and 4G Goodness To Come

At a conference in Beijing earlier today, Intel released some new details on what its Windows 8 tablets will look like when they finally launch either later this year or early next. Turns out there are actually going to be two different lines: a traditional 10-inch model, and an 11-inch hybrid with a physical keyboard.

Here's what'll be inside: A dual code Atom Z2760 Clover Trail chip with a "burst mode" that allows short periods of high-level performance; a (claimed) nine-hour battery; and NFC and Wi-Fi Direct, which allows devices to connect to each other without a traditional network. They'll be under 1.5 pounds, and less than 9mm thick. And all will have 3G/4G connectivity, though that is not saying very much at all considering how loosely "4G" is thrown around.


None of those specs are too surprising, and they all fall in line with the requirements Microsoft laid out for Windows 8 tablets months ago. Still, seeing details like these out of Intel means we might be seeing the tablets sooner rather than later. [CNET]

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