Intel's Medfield Project May, May Not Go Into Smartphones

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It's all very wink wink, nudge nudge, hush hush, but the odor that Intel is giving off in this Fortune article about the Medfield project is that Intel's trying to shrink x86 down to smartphones.


Intel's roadmap looks like this: Now they have Atom, which powers many of the netbooks on the market today. Next comes Moorestown, which is supposed to be like the Atom, but house two chips and be a low-power solution that can be customizable (the 2nd chip) for whatever gadget a client shoves it into. Moorestown isn't quite small enough for smartphones, but Intel's saying Medfield may be, when Medfield follows up Moorestown.

There's a lot of hinting, but not a lot of outright declaration here, so it's not certain that Medfield may be able to fit into something the size of an iPhone or a Pre or an Android. What they are saying is that they can fit into something the size of a UMPC or a MID or a large PMP—something that Nvidia's Tegra or Qualcomm's Snapdragon are aiming for as well.

The timeline for Medfield is 2011ish, so there's a while yet before anything materializes. But if Intel does somehow find a way to get their system-on-a-chip into your phones, that means bigger OSes and more laptop-like performance. We'll see. [Fortune]



So I guess I have time to get the Magic when it comes out and be 'single' when this platform becomes reality.