Intel's Next-Gen Atom Puts CPU and GPU on One Fun-Lovin' Chip

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Along with its neato Moblin 2.0 netbook OS, Intel's also laid in more detail out what the next generation of Atom looks like—Pineview integrates the CPU, GPU and memory controller onto one chip, making the platform cheaper and less power-hungry overall.


As Ars' Jon Stokes points out, this is new territory for Intel that "arguably pushes Atom into SoC territory." It has some implications for Nvidia's Ion platform. Not only are Intel's graphics built into the Atom CPU, but Nvidia's probably going to have major problems from a price standpoint, since Intel can drop the cost of the Atom platform (which it sells for $25) down even further. Unbundling the Atom CPU—like to pair it with Nvidia's 9400m for the Ion platform—costs $45.

Never a dull moment in netbook land. [Ars]


Purely from a tree hugger perspective, Intel's chip changes have seen dramatic steps toward creating faster systems with far less power needs. Most people buying computers these days do not need separate graphics cards, and if Intel can integrate a CPU and GPU and have them run on significantly less energy, that is an important technology leap for folks that are primarily just browsing the web and checking email.