Intense Clips From Fringe, District 9 And New Moon. Plus Supernatural's Mute Visitors!

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Today's spoilers include new hints for Iron Man 2 and Wolverine 2 — plus the Supernatural guest stars you never expected! There's a "redband" clip from District 9. Plus Dollhouse, Lost, Fringe, Time Traveler's Wife, New Moon, Stargate and Heroes.

Wolverine 2:

As we reported the other day, Logan's second outing is headed to Japan. And Hugh Jackman specifically says it'll be based on the Claremont/Miller Japan "saga," because the fans love it. [MTV via Comic Book Resources]


Iron Man 2:

As we reported a while back, there's going to be some major conflict between Rhodey and Tony in the second movie. Actor Don Cheadle explains:

We kept asking ourselves: How does that play out with Tony Stark being an independent contractor doing what he wants to do, and Rhodes actually being in the military? There's a real chain of command he has to follow. What's the conflict that creates?


And it sounds as though this difference in their outlooks plays into the military's desire to take control of the "Iron Man weapon." [MTV via Comic Book Resources]

District 9:

Here's a new "redband" clip from this alien segregation thriller, opening Friday:


And here are some new TV spots:

New Moon:

Here's a 17-second teaser for this movie's full trailer, which comes out this weekend. [Cinemablend]


Taylor Lautner explains that his character joins a wolf pack, which includes the alpha dog (Sam Uley), the funny one (Jared), the hothead (Paul), and the best friend (Embry). Paul goes out with Jacob's girl, so Jacob tears him to shreds. And Lautner's favorite scene isn't in the books — it involves werewolf Quil Ataera and his attempts to be smooth with the ladies. Bella and Jacob are working on his bike, and Embry and Qui come in. Quil tries to be all 007, saying "I'm Ataera. Quil Ataera." Hilarity, no doubt, ensues. [MTV]

The Time Traveler's Wife:

Here's a new-ish TV spot for this romantic time travel drama, opening on Friday:



I haven't seen this reported anywhere, so this may actually be a bit of a scoop. A casting agency has posted a casting call for episode five — and they're looking for actors to play Abraham Lincoln and Mohandas Gandhi. Apparently these are "heavily featured co-star" roles, but neither character will actually talk. I'm wondering if they have a voiceover speaking thru Lincoln and Gandhi, or if they just stand around? Actually, I'm really wondering if Sam and Dean will be forced to team up with Lincoln in an arena of death. Did Ben Edlund write episode five? [Casting Call]



Elizabeth Mitchell says Juliet is in about 20 percent of season six. And there will be some resolution to the Juliet storyline that will make you sigh — so, possibly a bittersweet resolution? — and later on in the season, something that might make you smile. [E! Online]


Mitchell also told a press conference: "I can't say whether I'm dead or not, but as in all things in Lost, it will be fairly tricky." [Wired]


There's no Leonard Nimoy in the first episode of season two, sadly. But he's already filmed one episode for season two, and will be back after that as well. [The TV Addict]


In episode 2x06, "Earthling," we meet Timur Vasiliev, who's wanted in Russia for stealing his brother and bringing him to the U.S. Timur feared the government was experimenting on his brother, so he spirited him away to Russia, where he's been in hiding the past five years. [SpoilerTV]

A blurry cameraphone copy of a new season two trailer:



Episode 2x04 is called "Belonging," and in it, we'll meet Matthew Harding, a powerful businessman in his mid-thirties to mid-fifties. He has a strong presence, and is probably a recurring character. (Rossum Corp., maybe?) [SpoilerTV]


Stargate Universe:

The casting call we mentioned yesterday, for brilliant and beautiful paraplegic scientist Eleanor Perry? It's for episode 16, "Sabotage." [Casting Call]


And here are the first 19 episode titles of this new show: "AIR, PART 1," "AIR, PART 2," "AIR, PART 3," "DARKNESS," "LIGHT," "WATER," "EARTH," "TIME," "LIFE," "JUSTICE," "SPACE," "DIVIDED," "FAITH," "HUMAN," "LOST," "SABOTAGE," "PAIN," "SUBVERSION." Are you getting a theme here? I'm getting a theme. [Gateworld]


Here's the official description for season four/volume five, straight from the network:

Claire is finding that her biggest challenges are forgetting her old life and starting college. How does someone who has led such an extraordinary life assimilate back into everyday college life? Any semblance of normalcy is shortly overturned when Claire's roommate commits suicide and Claire discovers her new friend, Gretchen (guest star Madeline Zima), is hiding a secret herself.

Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) goes back to his old life in Japan, but discovers that he has a terminal illness. When Hiro can no longer keep his illness hidden, he sets out to fulfill his own personal bucket-list – righting the mistakes of his past. But will Hiro be able to correct the errors of his ways without severely altering the past and present?

Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) returns to work as an ordinary New York City EMT, but he uses his abilities to save lives. Peter has become obsessed, looking for redemption and shutting out the rest of the world he once knew. How can he forget the past and begin anew? Peter's life will quickly change when a hearing impaired woman, Emma (guest star Deanne Bray), enters his life. Emma has used her disability as an excuse to shut herself off from the world. But as a new and unique ability manifests, the shell she's built around herself will begin to crack apart – as will Peter's.

H.R.G. is adjusting to life as a single man. Charged with creating a new company, he is rapidly discovering that he needs more from his life. But how does a company man become ordinary? And, when Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) returns and offers H.R.G. compelling evidence of a new danger, it makes H.R.G. wonder if he should get back in the game.

Tracy Strauss, having risen from the dead, is consumed with seeking vengeance, but soon realizes that she has a real opportunity to reinvent herself. The question is: who should she be?

Nathan Petrelli, not realizing who he really is, returns to the Senate and begins to notice strange changes in himself. Most alarming, Nathan discovers that he has new abilities. These changes are not lost on Angela, who recognizes them for what they truly are – the emergence of Sylar.

Meanwhile, racked by the guilt of what he did to Sylar and Nathan, Matt Parkman returns to life as an ordinary family man. All he wants to do is to raise his son, love his wife and return to a fulfilling career as an LAPD detective. But what Matt doesn't know is that something unfamiliar is buried deep within his psyche – Matt can see and hear Sylar. And this specter will haunt him until Sylar is returned to his body.

The biggest challenge for our heroes is a strange and dangerous carnival comprised of a traveling band of outsiders with powerful abilities, led by a charismatic and powerful leader, Samuel (Robert Knepper). Alongside Samuel is his right hand man, Edgar (guest star Ray Park), a deadly Speedster with a talent for knives, and Lydia (guest star Dawn Olivieri) the Tattooed Lady.

Samuel leads his flock to intersect with the lives of all of our heroes. He will find them, and he will entice them to join him. And together, they will ask the same basic questions: Who are we? What does having powers mean to the world? How should we live our lives – shameful or proud? Should we hide or live out in the open? And if the world of powers is revealed, how will the world ever recover?



Vampire Diaries:

The first three episodes of this vamp-tastic show will be called "Pilot," "Night Of The Comet" and "Friday Night Bites." [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.