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iOS 6's New Wi-Fi Plus Cellular Will Keep You Connected

Illustration for article titled iOS 6s New Wi-Fi Plus Cellular Will Keep You Connected

If you have an iPhone, hopping on a wi-fi network is good when you want to connect to an AirPlay device, or wi-fi based storage device, or save some battery. But if the actually internet connection is really crappy or non-existent, that means you're essentially cut off from the world (unless you're trying to talk). But a new feature discovered by Apple Insider in the latest iOS 6 beta fixes that.


Buried deep in the settings menu (Settings > General > Cellular) is a new option called "Wi-Fi Plus Cellular" that's turned on by default. It will probably be useful when connected to a public hotspot that's under major stress. And while not a major thing, it's a much-needed addition that increases the functionality of the phone. [AppleInsidervia The Verge]

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I love the idea, but it shouldn't be on by default. Too many people will connect to wifi and start downloading updates and the like, and not realise it's eating into their data.