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iPad Buzzers Turn Your Tablet Into a Tiny Gameshow

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It might be lacking the charm of a real game show without a host like the late, great Richard Dawson, but the AppQuiz iPad accessory lets four contestants test their knowledge without the embarrassment of being exposed as a complete dunce in front of a TV audience.

The $48 iPad dock features four crowded buzz-in buttons—and that coupled with the size of the display means players are going to have to cozy up close to compete. And while the AppQuiz is compatible with the iPhone as well, anything more than a couple of contestants is going to feel awkwardly crowded with a smaller device. A free accompanying app is promised to provide thousands of questions and additional downloadable theme packs when you exhaust its supply, as well as a virtual host named Chuck Boldhart that you'll probably get tired of long before you run out of content.