iPad Is First Computer 100-Year-Old Woman Bought

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The iPad is so easy to use, a cat can play with it. So can a dog! But what about a centenarian? Virginia of Oregon bought her first computer—an iPad—and as the video shows, she's a whizz.


According to her daughter Ginny, the iPad has "changed her life," as the glucoma-suffering woman has found reading and writing much easier on the iPad. In fact, she's read two ebooks, and written 12 limericks—one of which appears in the video below, where she calls herself a "technical-ninny."

Warms your cold, cold heart right through, doesn't it? [CNET]



We should explain carefully to this lady that the iPad is actually crap, because it doesn't support Ogg Neckbeard and also lacks VGA and FireWire 400 ports - not to mention that she can't replace the battery herself!