iPhone 3GS Jailbreak Is Ready, You Just Can't Have It Yet (That's a Good Thing)

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The Dev Team has cracked the iPhone 3GS (as if there was any doubt). Trouble is, if they released it now it would do far more harm than good.

You see, a firmware update, version 3.0.1, is inevitable, and will probably arrive from Apple sooner rather than later because Cupertino probably feels that it needs to plug a few major holes being exploited by ultrasn0w. So, the team has decided it's best to wait so that the few people who can benefit from the crack now don't become the only people who benefited from it.


Says the Dev Team:

Here's the critical point, the reason why we're delaying our version of the jailbreak: Once the jailbreak is out, Apple will fix the iBoot-family bug we use to accomplish it. They will simply stop signing the old iBoots and only sign the fixed ones. If you bought your phone after Apple has done this, there's nothing you can do…the jailbreak isn't going to work for you.

It is possible that Apple will find the bug we use without our handing it to them on a silver platter (via a public jailbreak). In that case, we will have delayed our jailbreak for "nothing". But we'd rather be safe than sorry!

Apple is surely coming out with a 3.0.1 firmware release shortly. They need to fix ultrasn0w. They need to fix some UI issues. 3.0 is buggy and 3.0.1 is coming. We're going to wait and see what 3.0.1 brings before figuring out the release date for our version of the jailbreak.

In the meantime, we have some remaining 3.0 jailbreak issues to investigate, including push notification. Thanks for being patient with us while we took a 3GS "timeout"!


Patience, people. The fun will arrive, just not tonight. The Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn analogy the Dev Team has decided to go with this evening is spot on, by the way. [Dev Team]