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iPhone Book Sneak Peek: Third-Party iPhone Application Tutorial

Illustration for article titled iPhone Book Sneak Peek: Third-Party iPhone Application Tutorial

Pash over at Lifehacker has a tutorial up on how to install third-party applications to your iPhone. It's notable because it comes straight from our iPhone Book, along with many more tips and tricks that you won't find in other books (seriously, we've read the other books, and they don't have them). Check out the tutorial and then go pre-order the book. Oh, and that cover's going to change to something not completely atrocious before it ships. [Lifehacker via Amazon]


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Can I just say something here? Remember Apple fanboy's arguments of how there are no viruses for mac? Wouldn't the slaughter of the iPhone in terms of homebrew (or 3rd party apps to you people who have never heard of a PSP) clearly show that if people wanted to, they could wreak havoc to osx? I mean I fully support 3rd party apps, I'm just saying, Apple doesn't, and can't stop it...