iPhone Controls Vehicle in Real Time Using Delphi's Concept Web App

The chaps at Delphi were just showing us a cool concept; they were using a web app on an iPhone to control a GMC Acadia vehicle. The prototype on display was able to check the automobiles vital stats, open and close windows, retain user configurations for seating options and even start the ignition. Check out the video of it in action after the jump.

The iPhone takes control of these options remotely, which could be dangerous, but as it is only at concept stage, we are sure Delphi will work out the nooks in the system. Either way, we imagine this will give rise to a whole new motor sport; racing real cars with Wi-Fi connected iPhones—sweet. Make it happen, Delphi.


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I got the impression that the bluetooth connection is to the key fob. You have the key/remote similar to what been available, but through the iPhone have a lot more options and feedback from the vehicle. Without the iPhone you'd still have the regular features of the keyfob remote. And, if this works over Safari, it would probably work through other web browsers as well.

If the iPhone was connecting directly to the vehicle via Bluetooth, this would be pretty worthless, since at that point you might as well just walk over to your car anyway.

Found another article that seems to confirm, and says range could be up to a mile. That and that in theory this could send you any information your car already can track, such as fuel level, oil condition, tire pressure and as mentioned in the video, engines codes,