iPhone Dev Team Unlocks iPhone 3.0 With New "UltraSn0w"

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The iPhone Dev Team, jailbreakers of all things iPhone, have released a demonstration video of a version of yellowsn0w they dub "ultrasn0w" that purportedly unlocks every version of the iPhone running everything from 3.0 on down the line.

Though it was announced earlier today, they still haven't revealed too much about "ultrasn0w" yet for fear of Apple updating the software with a lock, only saying that the new software should be out this Friday for your hacking pleasure. It's not totally clear that the newly-rebranded ultrasn0w will work on the new iPhone 3GS, either, but Apple hasn't been able to create an iPhone the Dev Team can't jailbreak yet. Check out the video above for more info, with the caveat that the first two minutes are just a static image. [iPhone Dev Team]