iPhone Is Now the Most Popular Camera In Flickr

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Despite all of them being counted as a single model, this fact is still impressive: The iPhone is now the number one camera in Flickr, the most popular image network. It's also the only cellphone in the top 5.

I've to admit that I used to tote my DSLR or a point-n-shoot everywhere, and now I don't thanks to the iPhone. Whenever I need a snap, I just take out the iPhone and fire away. I miss the quality and flexibility of my real cameras. And I really wish the iPhone had a camera as fast and good as a nice point-n-shot. And I really really REALLY wish for instant camera access and a physical shutter button. But even with all those missing features, it's oh-so-much more convenient. And most of the time—I hate it sometimes—I just care about the moment.


On top of that, once I started using the iPhone like a Lomo or a Holga—having CameraBag helps—and just catch whatever was going on, I stopped worrying about megapixels, aperture, and ISO settings. So I'm not surprised about the Flickr phenomenon. [LA Times via PocketLint]

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As an elitist, cellphone cameras disgust me as much as most poket sized point and shooters.

I didn't spend a whole semester in my high school learning about the finer merits of f stops and single lens reflex to have every spoiled teen to block my shots with their grease covered underperformers to decorate their myspace pages.

Damn commoners. It makes me sick.

Then again it makes me even sicker to see a child with an EOS and such. Eugh. So much potential lost.