iPhone Is Now the Most Popular Camera In Flickr

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Despite all of them being counted as a single model, this fact is still impressive: The iPhone is now the number one camera in Flickr, the most popular image network. It's also the only cellphone in the top 5.

I've to admit that I used to tote my DSLR or a point-n-shoot everywhere, and now I don't thanks to the iPhone. Whenever I need a snap, I just take out the iPhone and fire away. I miss the quality and flexibility of my real cameras. And I really wish the iPhone had a camera as fast and good as a nice point-n-shot. And I really really REALLY wish for instant camera access and a physical shutter button. But even with all those missing features, it's oh-so-much more convenient. And most of the time—I hate it sometimes—I just care about the moment.


On top of that, once I started using the iPhone like a Lomo or a Holga—having CameraBag helps—and just catch whatever was going on, I stopped worrying about megapixels, aperture, and ISO settings. So I'm not surprised about the Flickr phenomenon. [LA Times via PocketLint]