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iPhone Mug Case Lets You Reach For a Half-Cup of Stupidity

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apple employs countless designers and engineers who do everything they can to squeeze as much functionality into the iPhone while keeping it slim and pocket-friendly—only to have case makers come along and create monstrosities like this ridiculous half mug.

Its website points out that the handle makes the iPhone easier to hold, provides a place to wrap your headphones, and can be used to prop it up for hands-free enjoyment. But it fails to mention that it makes your phone about five times as thick—ensuring you'll never squeeze it into your back pocket again—and will make you look like a fool while placing a call.


So there's your pros and cons. For $22 you can completely destroy your iPhone's sleek industrial design for the rare time you can't be bothered to hold it. [Connect Design via Holycool]