iPhone Nano Before Holidays? (Again)

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It sounds crazy, so soon after launch, but the iPhone nano could be coming out before Xmas. Kasper at Apple Insider claims:
• "The second iteration of the handset is presumed to marry iPod functionality with rudimentary cellular capabilities."
•"More resource-heavy internet browsing and email capabilities are not expected of the device."
•"Pricing of the new handset is expected to fall significantly below the $500+ asking cost of today's iPhone models, these sources say, but not so much so as to pinch sales of an upcoming revision to the iPod nano."


He also makes reference to the same clickwheel dialpad patent JP Morgan did in their statement and retraction.

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Why isn't this filed under the Department of Duh? Kasper's track record has been better than good lately, and when he quotes extremely reputable sources, he's not screwing around. (Last time he was this adamant, if my memory serves me right, it was in reference to the iPod HiFi.) Kind of makes sense if Apple wants to hit those market share targets. Like with the full-sized and nano iPod, there's always a bigger market for lower end gear. [Apple Insider]


Who cares if it's true or not? There's nothing to say either way. Gizmodo shouldn't waste time posting this stuff unless it's confirmed, and there's always a thousand Apple rumours because nothing is confirmed. Why not just limit your lack of credibility to the weeks surrounding the release of a new Apple product, and leave the rumours to other sites?