iPhone X's Face ID Can't Be Used to Verify Family Transactions

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Many iPhone X users have found themselves unable to use Apple’s Face ID to approve family purchases, resulting in them having to enter their passwords manually whenever another user on their account tries to buy something.


Per the Verge, the lack of Face ID verification affects all transactions on iOS’ Ask to Buy, the Apple system which allows parents to monitor what their children are buying online. Users aren’t having to enter the passwords just once per session, but each and every time someone charges the linked account. 

According to Ars Technica, users seem particularly frustrated that Ask to Buy used to support Touch ID, which has been removed in the iPhone X—and it’s particularly odd that Face ID suddenly fails to work for Ask to Buy, given that Apple introduced the new feature so that it automatically replaced Touch ID on many third-party apps. Threads on the official Apple forums show some users are getting slightly frustrated having to re-enter their passwords several times in a row.

One possible explanation for the issue is that Face ID can be fooled by close family members like children and siblings, though the odds of that are probably overstated—and that would require having access to the phone anyhow.

As the Verge noted, the Face ID feature simply goes unmentioned on Apple’s web page for the feature, so it’s also possible that the company simply hasn’t gotten around to enabling it yet. This is more of a minor annoyance than a huge problem, but Apple’s had some practice with lots of minor annoyances adding up to huge problems with iOS this year.

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Honestly, Faceid is a huge step back from what we had before and my biggest complaint with the X. I can no longer unlock my phone sitting on a desk without passcode. If I’ve got it in landscape it won’t work until it rotates to portrait. I’ve noticed that it never seems to work authorizing App Store purchases, now I know why. Even when it works it still sits there and thinks for a few seconds. TouchID on my 7+ worked 99.999% of the time faster than I could think about it and never had these limitations. This combined with the screen that is larger than the 8, but not really usably larger and no portrait mode in a lot of apps makes me wish I had just gotten an 8 or 8+.

Shiny only goes so far, and shiny is the biggest draw of the X.