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iPhoto Discovers Face in Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Illustration for article titled iPhoto Discovers Face in Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

iPhoto's face detection isn't perfect, but we can't blame the software for spotting a face in this unbaked batch of cookies.


I mean, c'mon, it looks like just a teddy bear! And maybe a teddy bear face doesn't constitute a human face to some of you in the audience, but I like to think that our world has grown beyond such prejudices. I like to believe that we live in a world in which any face can be considered a face.


The only way this iPhone spot could have been better is if it found the Virgin Mary in a burnt piece of bread. It'll happen. Just give it time. [Flickr via Geekologie]

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I used to work for "Banisco" and at the time there was a rumor that if you turned the face of a R*tz cracker a certain way you could see the word "sex". We cracked into a pallet (with dip and cheese of course) and hundreds of angles and dips later, we never saw the word sex anywhere. What a let down.