Iron Man + Pulp Heroes + Girls = This Week's Comics

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Even more so than usual, it's an especially movie- and Marvel Comics-centric week in terms of new comic releases, with Iron Man-related books leading the charge. But don't forget the return of Doc Savage and the Green Hornet, too...!


Before we get to the Publishing Juggernaut of Ideas, let's quickly round-up the non-Marvel newbies of the week. DC have a collection of the strange but interesting future-continuity Last Days of Animal Man series that finished recently, as well as the debut of Nemesis: The Impostors (Which has nothing to do with Mark Millar's Nemesis series, but is instead about Wonder Woman's almost-maybe-squeeze who uses the same name. Nice choice of subtitle, though) as well as the first issue of Brian Azzarello's modern pulp First Wave, which teams-up Doc Savage, the Spirit and a less-superheroic Batman. Further pulp thrills are to be found in the first issue of Dynamite Entertainment's Kevin Smith's The Green Hornet, which adapts the unmade movie script by Southwest's favorite passenger into a brand new comic universe, complete with spin-offs to start shortly.

Still, Marvel dominates this week in terms of new books; there are four Iron Man-related collections (New editions of both Iron Man: Demon In A Bottle and Iron Man: Armor Wars, both of which, tellingly, have been out of print pretty much since the last movie, as well as a new omnibus collection of the first eighteen months of the current Invincible Iron Man series - which is highly recommended - and a Black Widow: Deadly Origin collection, even though the series finished about two weeks ago), as well as a collection of the indie-creators-do-Marvel-characters series Strange Tales being released, and that's before you get to the single issues. X-Men: Hope acts as a prelude to the upcoming Second Coming crossover that will, of course, change everything you know about the X-Men Universe, while the awkwardly titled Ultimate Comics New Ultimates acts as one more new launchpad for the everything-you-know-has-already-changed Ultimate Universe. For those less interested in continuity and more interested in comedy, there's also Prelude to Deadpool Corps, the title of which is fairly self-explanatory, and then for those who just want to read good comics, there's the controversially-named (and themed) Girl Comics, which is still most likely to give you the best entertainment bang for your buck this week (If nothing else, Colleen Coover's introduction is worth the price of admission all by itself).

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As usual, the complete list of new releases can be found here, and your local comic store can - if it's in the US - be found here. We've offered a guide of what you might want to pick up, but the final choice? That one's up to you.



I'd advise staying very far away from New Ultimates. Loeb wrote it.