Iron Man Xbox 360 Mod Powers Your Gaming With Arc Reactor

When you're modding your Xbox you have two options: 1. Bend the Xbox to your idea; or 2. Bend your idea to the Xbox. Adding a whirring arc reactor to your console is the latter at its very best:

Zachariah Perry Cruse, a 19 year old sculpture student, is the video game-playing Tony Stark behind this mod, capturing the Iron Man essence (or at least color pallet) with red plastic, gold chrome, and blue LEDs. Good thing the real Iron Man can't RROD.


Cruse put the mod up for auction on Ebay, where it currently stands at $300, with one bid. In the item's description he covers the basics and also lets on that the Xbox's 120GB hard drive bears a Stark Industries label. That, my friends, is attention to detail. [Zachariah Perry and Ebay via Engadget]

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