Iron-Pressed Hash, Bill Nye Dances, and the Dead Do Germany

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Grateful Dead 3-28-81 Rockpalast Festival Grugahalle Essen Germany

Of all the places for the Grateful Dead to play, who'd expect Germany? Are there a lot of hippies in Germany? #seriousquestion

Cannabis hydroponics Vertical 52 oz hydroponics Rockwool slab grow

Now this is a slick space-saving way to maximize your yield if your floor-space is limited.

Watch Bill Nye Dance and Sing with a Band Called Bill Nye and the Science Guys

Funny, I remember the Bill Nye, Science Guy Theme Song as having more lyrics than that.

How to Make Iron Press Hash

While impressive, it seems like too many steps. Why not just smoke the kief as a bowl topper?

Kevin Smith Rips a Heckler Apart

Yeah, you tell 'em Silent Bob!