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Is 4.7-Inches Too Big For a Sony Ericsson 3D Gaming Phone?

Illustration for article titled Is 4.7-Inches Too Big For a Sony Ericsson 3D Gaming Phone?

Phone sizes keep creeping up, to the point where I worry using a 10.1-inch tablet will soon become the norm. If rumors are correct, Sony Ericsson's thinking big with their first glasses-free 3D phone—a possible PlayStation phone, perhaps?


Word on the street is Sony Ericsson wants a slice of the 3D pie that HTC and LG have both already cut, however negative the reviews may've been for the EVO 3D and Thrill 4G. Supposedly this phone they're working on with a 4.7-inch screen has a mega resolution of 1280 x 720, which in my eyes would make it perfectly placed for a follow-up PlayStation gaming phone to the Xperia Play (pictured). [AndroidAndMe]

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i hate SE...stop introducing new, pointless, and trend-driven phones and update your flagships. I'm tired of having a phone with the same specs as the desire, that runs 50% slower........

gonna jump ship to samsung i think