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Is Apple Developing a Wiimote-Inspired Controller For Apple TV?

Illustration for article titled Is Apple Developing a Wiimote-Inspired Controller For Apple TV?

A newly published patent filing has revealed that Apple is considering a 3D remote control system that combines features found in the Wiimote and their own multi-touch technology. According to the filing, the system could detect the position of the remote control and be used to manipulate objects as well as "zoom into and out of an image or a portion thereof based on the absolute position of the remote control in the third axis"—features that Appleinsider believes could be destined for Apple TV.


References to gaming in the filing also serve to rehash old rumors about gaming and Apple TV as well as how a controller like this might fit into such plans. Naturally, I have my doubts about such theories given Apple's stance on gaming over the years, but as with all rumors and patent filings, we will just have to wait and see what comes of it. [Appleinsider via MacRumors]

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This patent was filed back in November of 2006, just before the wii came out. I guess great minds/companies just think alike.