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Is David Tennant The Worst Doctor Who Ever?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While almost all on io9 happen to be very big fans of Doctor Who's David Tennant - soon to be heard reading the latest Who audiobook from the BBC - it turns out that the Doctor Who faithful don't necessarily feel the same way. In fact, some are downright convinced that he may be the worst Doctor ever.

Over at the Doctor Who Forum, poster "HellBlazerRaiser" wants to make his(?) opinion felt about poor David:

David Tennant: Worst Doctor EVER!!!

There, I said it!

He is an awful actor who tried to overact to compensate.
He is difficult to look at.
He always has a silly, stupid grin that shows off those not so attractive teeth.
There is nothing subtle or interesting about him.

The thing that annoys me most: David Tennant puts an H after every word with an S in it.

The word is SIX, SHIX.

I could go on all day....

He stinks!!

Unsurprisingly, many disagree. Says Fan #1:

Are you bloody daft? Watch any Colin Baker eppy and try to make this statement again. If you can do it with a straight face, well, you deserve a quiet cell in Bellvue.


Fan #2 says:

So... what you're saying is that Tennant - who is multi-award winning (Voted Best Actor more times than I have time to recount, also Sexiest Man in the Universe...), and has achieved highest ratings for the show since Baker T, even in the digital age; should stop working and take up a job as a lawnmower technician just because you seem to feel that his awesome, superb, whatever-other-adjective-that-makes-me-sound-in-awe acting talents are not up to scratch.

Blimey. We'll be getting a press release any day now.

And Fan #3 chimes in:

If you don't like him as the Doctor then turn off (like you would) I have to say you remind me of the character of "Comic book guy" in the Simpsons all critic and no substance. I personally liked PT, TB (my first real Doc) but DT has renewed my love of Dr Who with his energy and also his acting skills, I have seen so many people turning from Who haters to loving the show since I told them about DT so if he brings new viewers and the show continues because of him then he has done some good.


I have to agree that Colin Baker is very, very low on my list of Doctors that I have loved - but then, I also didn't really get into Peter Davidson that much, either. Because of when I first saw the show, Tom Baker will always be the Doctor to me, but Tennant (and Eccleston, for that matter) is up there as well. Who is your favorite Doctor? And, if you're in the mood to make your opinion into fact, who is the "worst"?

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