Is Game of Thrones Finally Filming a Long-Awaited Scene From the Books?

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More video from the Batman v. Superman set shows that something that brings the GCPD out in force. New TV spots for Interstellar provide more details on the film's space travel. Plus major hints for Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest and Gotham. Spoilers now!


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Batman v. Superman

Ben Affleck's not in any way upset over the reaction to his casting, saying on Today:

We have these cultural stories that people have attachments to, they care very much about, the fans have imagined it, they write fan fiction, and they get very into and it and they're certainly entitled to those feelings.

This is the movie that more than any other movie combined, people come up to me and are really excited. So to have all this attention, some of it's positive, some of it's negative, I think in the end the truth is, you make the movie and the movie works or it doesn't.

[ The Wrap]

We saw other video of this over the weekend, but here's more from what we think is Wayne Manor being set upon by the GCPD. [International Business Times]

Bone Tomahawk

David Arquette, Lili Simmons, Sid Haig, Kathryn Morris and Evan Jonigkeit are joining Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Kurt Russell, and Richard Jenkins in Bone Tomahawk. Simmons will play Samantha O'Dwyer, "the de facto doctor of Bright Hope" and the wife of Wilson's Arthur O'Dwyer. Arquette and Haig will play "filthy brigands whose actions set off a string of violent repercussions." And Morris will play the wife of Russell's sheriff and Jonigkeit will play a deputy sheriff. [Shock Till You Drop]

Dracula Untold

At the link, there's a video interview with the cast and crew. Including director Gary Shore explaining why it's not a horror film:

Anybody who's going to the film expecting a horror film, is going to be sorely disappointed. For me, it was telling a story. I was trying to tell a good drama, that has action-adventure elements to it.


[ Yahoo!]


Here are some TV spots, which reveal a bit more about the Jonathan Nolan film. We see more of McConaughey's character and his family as well as more from the spaceship. [via Slashfilm]

The Walking Dead

Showrunner Scott Gimple explained how the trailers reflect the reality of season 5:

One aspect of the information you've seen in the trailer is that there is a lot of playing with time in this first half of season 5. Things you are seeing happening, some of those things are happening currently. Some things are happening — and I don't just mean montage, I'm talking about in the season and I'm talking about in the trailer — but some time is condensed. And we did a little of that, I suppose, last year. A little bit with the Governor stuff. That was much more full flashback kind of stuff than I'm talking about. I don't want to give the impression like 'Oh yeah, they're on a trip to Washington and it's a crazy flashback. Everybody forgot that they knew each other!" No. But I will say that time is scrambled up a little bit in the season.


He also talked about the character dynamics we'll see:

Even when Abraham met Glenn, who is a decidedly affable guy, though at the moment maybe he wasn't being super-affable, those guys were in fisticuffs in a minute-and-a-half. And on top of that, a big aspect to it is there's Tara. Rick and Tara have met before the train car, but they were on opposite sides of the fence. And Tara was standing in close proximity to the Governor. That's a big deal. There are some group dynamics that will be affected, and some things that might…well, they have to be worked out one way or another, whether it be Abraham or Rick, or Tara and Rick, and Rosita certainly has Abraham's back. There's the whole Eugene in it all. It's not necessarily very happy. But I will say, the fact that Glenn and Maggie more or less vouch for all of them does bode well in that regard.


And while he's still pretty close-lipped about details, Entertainment Weekly did get this:

Anything on the relationship front? It's basically been Glenn and Maggie. Anything else? In the comics, Rosie and Abraham are a thing and we saw a hint of that last season.

You will be seeing more of that this season. That is absolutely an element this season. People who like the comic will recognize it, and people who don't like the comic, they won't miss it. They will be like, "Whoa, okay, that is happening."


[ Entertainment Weekly]

The Originals

Joseph Morgan talked about how Klaus will become a mentor to new hybrid Hayley:

He's kind of a reluctant mentor. He's encouraged by his brother to talk to Hayley, to help Hayley, because Hayley's incredibly lost. I think it's one thing for Klaus to have to give away his daughter, but Hayley gave birth to her, and it's sort of another thing altogether, I think, for Hayley. So Hayley's not taking it very well at all. And Elijah, I think, feels very distant from her and worries about her, and so he encourages Klaus, being the only other hybrid now, to talk to Hayley, to help her understand what it is that she's going through and how she can deal with the thing that she's become. So Klaus rather reluctantly does that. I would say that it helps their relationship, but it's not like everything is just fine after that. There's a long way to go for all of these characters, I think. They're truly troubled, these creatures.


He also said that he's already filmed some flashbacks to show Klaus' relationship with his parents. [ Entertainment Weekly]

And head to the link for more set photos from episode 2.09. [ via SpoilerTV]

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Game of Thrones

More photos from the King's Landing set in Dubrovnik, which show a lot of litters belonging to the nobility being carried through the town. More at the link. [ Winter Is Coming]

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And with everyone out in force in King's Landing, we also have some set video showing angry peasants, yelling in the streets. Both of these things may point to the beginnings of filming for a major Cersei scene, that people have been expecting for a while. [ Winter Is Coming]


Robin Lord Taylor explained how Oswald Cobblepot will deal with owing his life to Jim Gordon:

Penguin is completely indebted to him. However at the same time, they're rivals. Their ultimate goals, good and evil, are disparate, but at the same time they need each other. It's an incredible dynamic that you rarely get to play with someone, and Ben [McKenzie] is such a fantastic actor to share this experience with.


He also gave more information on his relationship with his mother, who we saw Carol Kane play last night:

Taylor sums up the mother/son bond as "interesting," then lets out a chuckle before elaborating. "Oswald's mother is the only person he trusts in Gotham City, which is a good thing and a bad thing," he points out. "For a person like Oswald, who is somewhat depraved, to trust and love anyone… there has to be something a little sadistic going on there.

"I'm not going to say 'Norman Bates,'" he alludes, "but I guess I just did!"


[ TV Line]

Once Upon a Time

Jennifer Morrison explained a little about what we'll be seeing in episode 4.02:

Elsa's fear takes over and because of that fear, we end up in a life-threatening situation. Obviously Elsa isn't affected by the cold the same way a normal human being would be, but the cold does affect Emma, so she ends up trapped in a situation where everyone is scrambling to try to get Emma out of the potential freezing situation.


She also teased the eventual reveal of Emma's past:

In the few episodes that we've shot, we've gotten some really big pieces of information that we'd not had in the past. We are going back to her younger days and [we] find that she figures some things out.


And important information about Emma and Hook's romance:

"She's more comfortable than people would expect," Morrison observes. "She's also been through a lot with Hook at this point. They've been on great adventures and they've traveled through worlds, they've traveled through time. He's given up his ship for her, he's proven that he's someone who really continues to show up for her. Like Emma, he's made some mistakes in life, some terrible mistakes in life, and has worked very hard to redeem them. I think she relates to the fact that she's also made mistakes in her life and she's worked very hard to redeem them. So they do have that in common. She believes in that part of him the same way she believes in that part of herself. So there is definitely an openness to her when they do finally decide to go on this date."

As for their first date itself, Morrison categorizes it as "super romantic" and confirms that Hook will put aside his usual Hook leather outfit in exchange for more modern attire. "Yes, he decides to make quite the effort for our first date," she says.


[ TV Guide]

Here's a shot of Hans on the set. [ People]

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Go here for photos from episode 4.02, "White Out." [SpoilerTV]

And here's the promo for that same episode. [via K Site TV]

Person of Interest

Here's the synopsis for the October 14th episode, "Wingman":

Finch recruits Fusco to stick close to the latest POI, a professional "wingman," but learning how to approach women soon becomes the least of his worries. Meanwhile, Reese must find a way to play by the rules at his new day job as the Machine sends Finch and Root on a mysterious errand.


Go here for more photos from it. [K Site TV]

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American Horror Story

The season premiere will be 90 minutes long. [ SpoilerTV]

And here's the synopsis for episode 4.04, "Edward Mordrake Pt. 2":

Edward Mordrake continues his search for a Freak to add to his ghostly coterie. Elsa tells the grisly story of her days in Germany. Jimmy and Maggie have a run-in with the Twisted Clown.

Written by Jennifer Salt; directed by Howard Deutch.

[ SpoilerTV]

Here are some more teasers:


Go here for photos from episode 5.05, "The Old Switcheroo Part 1." [SpoilerTV]


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