Is the MacBook Air the Perfect Traveling Writer's Laptop?

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The 11.6-inch MacBook Air: One well-traveled, veteran author labels it the "perfect writer's machine." As a 13-inch owner myself, I'm inclined to agree, somewhat, with one pretty substantial caveat: Let's add "established" or something similar before "writer," shall we?


I say this because the poor man's laptop this little collection of SSD and aluminum is certainly not, and I honestly don't see any struggling J-school grads picking one up when they start crunching out copy at the local paper. "Disposable income" comes to mind as well.

Nevertheless writer John Brownlee, over at Gearfuse, adequately pleads his case about why that little hunk of premium-priced metal and silicon is the kind of tool that gets out of the way and just lets a writer, well, write.

Whether you agree or not is up to you, but I imagine many of you, the savvy readership, are probably more than content craving something else entirely when it comes to diminutive writing tools. [Gearfuse via Boing Boing]


I still think this would have been the perfect writing tool