Is This Tesla's Best Electric Carb?

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Screenshot: Dan Milano (Twitter)

More people seem to like Tesla’s divisive Cybertruck design when it’s a pile of mashed potatoes instead of some low-poly, PlayStation 2 game asset brought to life.


More than a million Twitter users have watched a video shared by NowThisNews producer Dan Milano showing his brother and noted spud artisan Greg Milano sculpting the vehicle out of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Because it’s not considered “playing with your food” if you’re slaving away to the muse. 

The feat wasn’t small potatoes either: It took over an hour to carve out Elon Musk’s new baby, including puncturing a few holes in its “windows” in a starchy recreation of the infamous snafu at its reveal where lead designer Franz von Holzhausen smashed its supposedly shatterproof glass with a metal ball.

With his background in art and architectural history, Greg Milano told Buzzfeed News he’d been challenging himself to craft topical Turkey Day spud sculptures for the last decade or so.

“It started like any other teenager with a volcano and morphed into a pyramid and a couple of other things over the years. It kind of just became a tradition,” he told Buzzfeed. His more complex works, like last year’s miniature Guggenheim or his white-potato White House in honor of the 2016 presidential election, can take multiple hours.


This year, his brother decided to capture and share the build in a series of Twitter videos, even its ultimate, gravy-smothered demise. He also included a link to Greg’s Instagram so you can check out “mashterpieces” from previous years.


Since Tesla’s Cybertruck seems like a big fart noise in terms of combating the global climate crisis, maybe Musk can pivot the company’s focus to low-carb emissions instead.

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Fabian Knockwurst

“low poly” angles and edges are oh so sexy, but hasn’t it been long shown that smooth arcs are far more impact resistant? (drop an egg versus some cubic equivalent) (“meh. who wants to survive if you aren’t looking slay af?”)