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Is This the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet, Caught on Video?

Illustration for article titled Is This the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet, Caught on Video?

It's got a different button arrangement than the leaked photo we saw previously, but there's no mistaking the size of the tablet in this (quite blurry) video. Unless it's really a Samsung phone and very small hand prodding it...


The video description confirms it has a Super AMOLED screen, which aligns with what we've heard previously, but unfortunately no other information is offered up—apart from a potential model number of P1000. While it's very difficult to actually see much in the video, it seems to be running their Touchwiz UI and have phone calling functionality.


I'm not holding my breath over the authenticity of this video, especially considering the poor resolution and focus of it, but if anyone has any information on the forthcoming tablet they know where to find us. [OLED-Info]

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The picture-movement-with-side-scroll looks WP7-esque. The OS looks iPhone-esque. I guess Samsung's just the best of all worlds.