Is Usain Bolt Actually Faster Than Gravity?

Usain Bolt is fast. Like, really fast. He's pretty much the fastest dude that ever was fast. And while that's impressive in its own right, could it be that he's actually faster than gravity, one of the fundamental forces that rules the very nature of the universe in which we live? Well, that's sort of a weird question to try and answer, but that hasn't stopped MinutePhysics from poking at it. The answer is SPOILER ALERT "maybe, sort of" but I'll let the master explain the details. Suffice it to say you don't ever want to be running from Usain Bolt. [YouTube]


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Bolt is the fastest man over a short distance. He's likely a very slow man over a long distance. I'm pretty sure this man could smoke Bolt over 26.2 miles, if Bolt could even complete 26.2 miles. Two different types of athleticism are needed granted, but its a bit irksome for short distance runners to get all the attention. A marathoner can run Bolt's distance, and really fast too, can Bolt say the same about the marathon, doubt it?