It Took Three Years to Film This Spectacular Timelapse of Hundreds of Blooming Flowers

GIF: Vimeo

As a follow-up to his short film entitled Fall that we shared almost five years ago, filmmaker Jamie Scott spent the past three years filming a sequel called Spring, which features incredible timelapse footage of hundreds of flowers blossoming as they usher in warmer weather.


Filmed using a Canon 5D Mark II—which resulted in hefty 5K video clips because every frame was captured as a still photo—the source files for Spring gobbled up eight terabytes of hard drive space. On a technical level, however, that was the easy part.

Fstoppers chatted with Scott about the logistics and challenges involved with this shoot, which included setting up a camera slider with movements that had to be perfectly timed to capture the flowers as they bloomed, positioning lighting in a way so that the plants didn’t bend out of frame as they grew, and even some clever compositing to smoothly transition to the timelapse footage of the flowers in Central Park. The real spring can’t get here fast enough.

[Vimeo via Fstoppers]


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