iTiVo Rumor: Apple and TiVo Hooking Up, Making a Love Child?

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PVRblog is reporting what it calls a "wild rumor" that landed in its inbox alleging that Apple will license TiVo software for its upcoming iTV box, which will reportedly be called the Mac Media Capsule.

Then today, one more meager yet tantalizing tidbit popped into our inbox, supposedly from an Apple employee who said this Mac Media Capsule has gone through a slight design change since its iTV prototype was revealed in September, and now it will include a stand that gives users a choice of either vertical or horizontal orientation. Is this true? The thin evidence so far:


There's an Apple patent application dated November 2, 2006 that outlines techniques for acquiring a season's worth of TV shows. However, it only mentions the word TiVo once in the entire document, and that's only in a generic sense, describing recorded digital video.

Last summer, TiVo was hiring Mac programmers, but that probably had to do with TiVo's promise to deliver TiVoToGo software for the Mac, a crude alpha version of which we saw at CES last January but still isn't available. Why the delay when we saw a semi-working version nearly a year ago? But TiVo Desktop, the software that lets you program your TiVo from afar, has since become available for the Mac, so those programmers were doing something.

What's next? TivoToGo software on the upcoming iPhone? Then there's that widescreen video player we've heard rumblings about. Wouldn't that be a great device on which to watch your TiVo recordings? But then wouldn't that conflict with Apple's deal with the networks to sell TV shows?


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