It's a Good Thing the World's Thinnest Phone Has a Gorilla Glass Screen

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Matching Monday's leaked pics perfectly, the NEC Medias actually looks really nice. When was the last time you could say that about an NEC product?


It'll run on Android 2.2 when it goes on sale mid-March with the NTT Docomo carrier, and will no doubt be a hit with Japanese girls (and slender businessmen who don't want to ruin the line of their suits.)


It's just 7.7mm thick, which topples the Samsung Galaxy S II from its pedestal—not a mean feat, you could say, when it only measured 8.49mm anyway. Other components that have been crammed into the 105g body include a 4-inch Gorilla Glass LCD screen with 854 x 480 resolution; a 5.1MP camera; 1Seg TV tuner; NFC tech, and the usual other sensors and connections.

Live outside of Japan? It's back to the Galaxy S II for you. [MobileCrunch]

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Very Little Gravitas Indeed

Title exaggeration. Samsung played this "world's thinnest" game with themselves back in 07-08 and rolled out model after model that kept shaving off a bit more thickness. I had one of the earlier models, and I'm fairly certain it was 7mm. Later ones got as thin as 5.9mm. They were very nice phones, as far as dumbphones go. This may be the world's thinnest *smart*phone, but definitely late to the party for "thinnest phone."